Hi love! I wish you could feel how soft and cozy is sweater is! It feels like a teddy bear is hugging you, no lie. It’s also super warm aaaaaand pink! com’ on, what else do you want? haha I paired it with bright red dressy pants and clear/pvc heels. I honestly went for clear shoes because I didn’t know what color to go for hahaha. Clear is always a good idea! Hey babes, I hope you are doing great on this awesome Wednesday. I was feeling like crap this morning, but I decided to stop dwelling on my past and continue to move forward.


Right this second I’m feeling grateful for the positive things in my life and excited for what is to come! I have clear conscience and no monkeys on my back. There’s no greater feeling than that! I’m praying to keep this feeling of gratitude alive and not fall down into cracks. I’m excited for the future and the good HONEST and MORAL things it will bring for me. I love you my dear reader, may God bless you always!




ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The sweater is from Ross. The pants are from Express. The shoes (we’ve talked about this before) They are only picture pretty because they kill, nonetheless they are from LOLASHOETIQUE.COM


My dear friend are thank you so much for reading and coming by! I will see you tomorrow with a another outfit post!

Tight hugs and kisses!


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