Friend, Do you ever have those day that doesn’t matter the angle, you just don’t look okay in pictures? Today was one of those days for me. I had the day planned to shoot some bathing suits I have been dying to show you from the Forever 21 Summer Sale Video! None of the picture were to my liking. NONE. Finally, I decided to let go and have some fun. I started dancing and guffing around and my brother did some ‘magic’ behind the lens.

I really hope you like my goofy interpretation of much I love and adore this bathing suit. The cover up elevated the whole look to another level! From the pool side at home to Resort style. HAHA

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The bathing is from AMERICAN EAGLE. The cover up is from ROSS (super great buy!) The accessories are from SHEIN.COM. The hair piece is from

My love, thank you for reading and coming by! A super tight hug,


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