It was around 4 or 5 pm the first day we got to the Island and we knew the sun was coming down soon. So, we decided to do some sight seeing and mingle around the city. We asked our Uber driver about places to go, things to see and he recommended LA PLACITA DE SANTURCE. Apparently it’s the IT spot on Friday nights. In La Placita he suggested a restaurant called Chicharron.

La Placita de Santurce is a small block in San Juan, Puert Rico with restaurants, bars, night clubs and hang out spots. People usually bar hop. But, a large percentage just hang out in the actual street! As soon as we arrived, we freaking loved it. It felt very native Puerto Rican and the people were friendly and caring. You could just feel the good vibe around the streets. We felt safe, we felt at home.

We walked to the restaurant the Uber driver suggested, and as warned, it was packed! We automatically assumed it was going to be DELICIOUS and decided to wait. In the meantime, we bought Coconut Mojitos at an open bar right across the street called EL COCO DE LUIZ! OH-MY-GOD, I’m not a Mojito fan (in fact, I don’t even like them). But, this Mojito was from another world. It was made with pure brown sugar, natural coconut water and coconut cream! Delicious is an understatement when describing it! It was amazing!

We downed our first Mojitos while mingling in the street. The weather was amazing, around 80 degrees with a breeze, it was the perfect summer night. When our table was ready we sat down and glanced at the menu. Olivia and I looked at each other at the same time and said “Let’s get out of here” HAHA. We snuck out through the side door like two teenagers that just did something wrong. We ended up eating fried chicken, chicharrones and tostones across the street at, you guessed it, the same place we bought the mojitos!! It felt so good and forbidden. But, it turned out to be the best decision ever. We sat on the stairs and inhaled our meals like it was our last supper. It was worth every bite and we felt satisfied, eating street style, instead of sitting at a fancy restaurant.

Here’s a picture of the aftermath.

After dinner and two mojitos each, we then did some bar hoping. We danced, sang, screamed, yelled, and laughed out loud. We really had so much fun. When guys would approach us, we would give them fake names and fake phone numbers (mean, i know. Haha). I was Cindy and she was Natalia. At one point I even pretended I didn’t speak English to tourists. That way they didn’t hit on us. Lol.

La Placita de Santurce was the BEST experience and the highlight of our trip! We wore super comfy outfits with flat sandals, we were ourselves, forgot about the world and it was an amazing experience!

Our night ended around 1 AM. On our way to the hotel we asked our Uber driver where to go the following day. He recommended “El Viejo San Juan”….

As always love, thank you so much for reading and coming by! Remember to be kind and know your “WHY”. I’ll see you tomorrow on the next post about EL VIEJO SAN JUAN.

Fun Fact: When Bad Bunny says ” Un perreo sucio en La Plazita” this is the place he is talking about HAHA.

WHY DO YOU make up stories to those that hit on you? I want to know your funny stories!

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