And off to Puerto Rico we go….

I’m blessed enough to have a small but wonderful circle of friends around me. They are there through the good and not so good times. The last two and half years of my life have been quite eventful and life changing in many ways. During the lowest of lows and the hardest transition in my life, my friend has been there to lift me up. She’s been there when I’m down to try and cheer me up. Also, to cry with me, when there was no lifting up.

Her and her husband got invited to a wedding in Puerto Rico (her dream destination for years). As I was going through a deep low, her husband decided to back out so that we could make it a “GIRLS TRIP”. He wanted it to be a distraction for me, no boys and no kids. Initially, I was afraid of leaving of Mia. She is 3 years old and since the day she was born, i haven’t left her side for more that one night. But, I decided to give it go and I’m excited to show you a little bit of dear ol’ Puerto Rico and what we got do!! Wanna see??

Let’s get started, shall we?

There are no direct flights from Phoenix to Puerto Rico. So, we had to stop in Charlotte North Carolina and take another plane to PR! The trip was long, but we were so excited we were not even tired. We left Phoenix at night, and made it to PR in the afternoon the following day. This was the gorgeous landscape that welcomed us to the beautiful Island.

Let’s get started, shall we?

For the air port attire, Olivia obsessed about Pinterest outfits and poses the entire time (so let’s thank her for some of the great shots you’ll see in the nest posts :))

About the outfits: Olivias outfit is Pink by Victoria Secret. My outfit is from a local boutique (I couldn’t find links to).  But, similar items are linked below 🙂


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