Did someone say Retail Therapy?
 Guilty! I’ve been leaning super hard on this lately, it seems like I enjoy the satisfaction I get from buying stuff I don’t need to fulfill my thirst for feeling good. But, there’s nothing wrong with that, right? It’s all fun and games until…. Let me tell you a little story that happened a few days ago. 
I went to Burlington Coat Factory just to “see” what was new in the store, you know? Just.. checking things out. I came out of the store with 7 pairs of shoes. Yes, 7 pairs! I felt like I was on top of the world, like I didn’t need anything else in life. I walked out with my chest up high, feeling like a total boss, my forearm was red and sore from the plastic bags, but it was the greatest pain. I felt happy. 
Then, as I walk into my house an overwhelming feeling of sadness and guilt took over my excitement. I felt like I committed a crime, my happiness vanished in a matter of seconds. What concerned me was that this feeling was/is becoming very familiar, more than I’d want it to be. I couldn’t help but wonder, Why do I feel so guilty and emotional when I do things that initially made me happy? Do other people feel the same way? Am I alone?
So, like the good girl I am (try to be), I went back to the store and returned 5 of those pairs of shoes thinking that would save me from that feeling. Unfortunately, that didn’t help, therefore, and  like any other rational person would do, I googled it. Turns out I had to return all 7 to feel better… I’m kidding, that’s not what google said. LOL
I also wore this outfit to Disney Land, it was super comfy!
Turns out this “guilt feeling” is much more common than I thought. As per an article online “As children we live carefree. Then, as we transition into adulthood, play time turns into a waste of time, chocolate becomes a sin, and getting down and dirty is just wrong. We naturally stop chasing our dreams and doing things we enjoy because they are “bad” for you”. This is true for most people, in other more serious cases, it could be a sign of anxiety and depression. 
At that point, I asked myself: What do I do? Do I go back to the store and buy the shoes again or return all of them?  But I knew it wasn’t about the shoes anymore. I knew that none of those options were going to make me happy. Instead, I took Mia to the playground. We giggled, laughed, ran around, and there is where my lost happiness was, in the little things in my life.
PS: Those shoes were freaking gorgeous though. I snatched a pair of white boots, super cute, I wish I would have taken a picture 🙁
To make brighten up the story a little bit, here’s a bright outfit I wore to the playground with Mia, minus the heels, of course.
Thanks for coming by and most importantly, for reading.
What I’m Wearing
Suit: H&M Here & Here
Shoes: Steve Madden Here
Crop Top: Super old Similar Here & Here
Side Braids: by yours truly
Smile: belongs to you! Thank you.
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