As I’m typing this post, my friend is driving us back home from Sedona. Sedona is a city in the state of Arizona known for its unique red rocks, breath taking landscapes, beautiful mountains, feel good weather and friendly citizens. We had lunch at a Chipotle that had the most BEAUTIFUL view ever. We then went to do some minor hiking (just for picture purposes) since we had our kids with us. Afterwards, we headed to the gorgeous Chapel of the Holy Cross. It was really peaceful and sooo serene up there. Mia and I did a cute photoshoot (which i will share with you tomorrow… wink). We finalized the day getaway with yummy Brazilian Açaí. My friend Olvia is ALWAYS bragging about how good they are! It was my first time ever tasting it and it was DELICIOUS!! 100% recommended.

As always love, thank you for reading and coming by! I’ll leave you with a cute and comfy outfit Mia and I wore ☺️.

WHY DO YOU do day trips????

About the outfit, I didn’t find exact items online, but here are similar super cute options 🙂


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