I missed you soon much! so let’s get straight into it, I haven’t been posting on my regular schedule because I moved all the way across the country to west coast! What up West Coast? LOL. Though the change has been amazing it has also been super hard to get back to my routine. The last couple of weeks I’ve been posting outfit pics and details on Instagram because it is just a little easier that way but the truth is that I miss blogging, I really truly enjoy writing about my day, outfits, things that are going on, ETC. I decided to make my blog and my online store a priority again.

On another note, now we have a much bigger home that needs lot of home projects and that has taken soooo much of my time. I’m planing on doing some home decor/DYI posts on here too! I’m super excited about that. I’ve replaced carpets, painted walls, cabinets, and so much more, I would be more than happy to share all those projects with you. Ps: my next big one is the kitchen, can not wait!!

So on to the outfit, honestly I wouldn’t have worn this dress on regular work day because I just don’t really feel comfortable wearing dresses that accentuate my body so much for work, makes me feel weird, call me weird LOL. But it was Valentine’s Day so Marcos and I had a date right after. Want to know something really funny, as soon as I got home I took off my shoes and put and some sandals, I just wanted to feel like I was 15 again, going on a movie date with my favorite person in the world.

Thank you so much for reading and coming back, I appreciate you lots!
Xo, Shey


Dress: H&M
Shoes: Fergie Shoes (similar ones below)
Clutch: Super super old

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