Hello, hello, hello, my dearest! I hope you are feeling nice and refreshed this fine morning. I’m feeling super excited to be taking steps towards my career and I cannot wait to share how my FIRST ever audition goes! You know I’m here to share the good and the bad no matter what.  I’m going in with a humble heart and super excited to see what happens.

Because I’m so excited, I felt like I had to tell someone. My dad is a very ”safe, play-by-the-rules, work-your-9-to-5-and-you’ll-be-fine” type of person so, I was VERY hesitant to share this part of my life with him. But, I really wanted to tell him. I was very emotionally surprised when he said “It’s never too late, mija. Don’t stop dreaming. Good luck!” Friend, I got so freaking emotional that I secretly “got another call” and hung up the phone because I just wanted to ball my eyes out! Happy tears, of course.

Let’s talk about this outfit, shall we? I wore this ensemble for a night out with my cousin and her boyfriend (Yup. I was a 3rd wheel hahaha). I’m not a clubbing type person but, I do love to dance!

I went for this cute satin, silky-ish, tied in the back romper that I got on sale at Forever 21. Since I wanted to dance, I paired it with my super comfortable over the knee boots that are 5 years old. I added the hat for the purpose of the pic. After the shoot, I removed it, flipped my hair and it was time to go!

I could have been a littler over dressed for the place we went to, but I had a lot of fun, while it lasted. My super Caribbean cousin and I danced so much and her middle eastern boyfriend is slowly learning to keep up with her or us HAHAHA.

My love, thank you so much for reading and coming by! Please send super positive energy my way. I can’t wait to tell you all about the audition.

Super tight hug,


ABOUT THE OUTFIT: Boots are from Steve Madden (5 years old). Romper is from Forever 21 (Selfie Leslie brand). The hat is from ZARA and the smile is from the heart 🙂

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