Hi pretty! I’m here to share a little something I learned this Thanksgiving. Wednesday evening I made my way to gym. At the end of class, the gym instructor asked the crowd what we were thankful for. A lady said “I’m thankful for the pain that has brought me joy”. At first, I didn’t understand. But the quote stuck with me. Thanksgiving day came and I had huge lump in my belly all day. All week, matter fact.

At night, I went to my brother’s for dinner despite having different plans a few weeks prior. When I walked in the door and locked eyes with my friend, so many emotions overwhelmed me. The expression in her face was SOO bitter-sweet (more sweet). She said “I’m SO freaking happy you’re here even when I know you don’t want to be. I’m really, really happy you’re here!”

The kids also greeted auntie Shey and Mia with warm hugs and happy giggles.

After a few deep breaths, I was still in pain. Looking for the joy, I thought about what the lady said “The pain that brings you joy”. My joy was being surrounded by people that choose me. People that genuinely wanted to spend time me. People that were SO HAPPY I was there because… just because. Sometimes that’s all you need. To feel wanted, feel loved, feel like people choose you just because. Not because they don’t have a choice, feel like they have to, or, have “free, alone time”. In the end, we all have a choice and we are responsible for it. One thing is that it feels so good to be chosen one.

With this my friend, I learned that you are put in certain situations because you simply need to be there. I did everything in my power to avoid going to the gym that day. Had I not, my thanksgiving would have sucked. I would have been stuck in the past not being thankful for the joy I bring to my family and to my friends. Sometimes, we choose who doesn’t choose us because we are comfortable with pain and we attract it. Today, I challenge you to be comfortable with happiness, to choose the ones who choose you and nurture those relationships. Don’t take those who love you for granted. People say: When one door closes, another one opens. But, know that this may not happen at the same time. You may be stuck in hallway for a minute. Or, two. Choose this time to find yourself. To CHOOSE yourself when no one else does. Love yourself so much people have no choice but to love you and respect you too. It’s easier said than done. I know. Trust me I do. But, you got this. I believe in you 💜

To end this post on a funny note: How do you like my before boobs, after boobs picture? LOL. I think it came out pretty good. A friend on Insta said “boobs gave you a smile” HAHAHA.

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The jumpsuit is from Latiste (my friend gave to me a while back). The shoes are from TARGET. The smile from the heart.

Thank you for reading and coming by!

I love you so much,

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