Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, it’s literally right around the corner! If you don’t have your outfit yet, don’t have time to order online or simply don’t feel like going to the stores, I GOTCHU BOO haha. I put this one together featuring garments you probably already have in your closet!

It’s safe to assume that every woman owns a piece of leopard something. For me, it’s this Leopard bodysuit! (Yup, you’ve seen it before… about 3 posts ago…with the denim overalls… yes.. that one… haha #Don’tJudge)


Hispanic families tend to dress up for the Holidays just to hang out at someone’s living room and there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s something about wanting to impress your “evil” aunt by wearing the best piece in your closet. We want to look like we have been planning it since the previous Thanksgiving 😉

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: This time around I paired my leopard bodysuit with black faux-leather leggings (I can never go wrong with them). I put on minimalistic high heel sandals for a sleek look. To accessorize the ensemble, I added a thin gold belt (it’s really a long necklace, but SHHH). I threw my hair up in a “messy” pony tail because I wanted all the attention on the WILD leopard, that way my aunt is afraid to talk to me (get it) ;0

What do you think? Would you wear this look?

WHY DO YOU want to impress family members with your Holiday outfit? For me, It’s because I love the compliments HAHA (as honest and simple as that ;))

Thank you so much for reading and coming by! it means so much to me. I’ll see you tomorrow on another post 😉





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