Hey pretty! Going through my photos from New York Fashion Week, I found this outfit that would be so perfect for thanksgiving! For my family and most Hispanics, Thanksgiving is a dress up Holiday to just seat in the living room for HOURS to chat, catch up and the occasional dance. LOL. Literally.

My favorite thing about this outfit is the color. I think it’s perfect fall with the right amount of vibrancy. I’m so into olive green. Might be because people say it looks really good with my skin tone 😅

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: This beautiful silky top and skirt are from Forever 21. The shoes are from Steve Madden. The bag is… the bag (get it?) hahaha.

My love, thank you so much for reading and coming by. I really hope you have a lovely thanksgiving surrounded by family and/or friends with yummy food and LOTS of loud laughter. I’m gratefully for so many things. Even the bitter moments that made me a stronger person. A super tight hug! And, I’ll see you again on Monday!


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