What is it about human beings and procrastination? Today is the day before Thanksgiving and it just hit me:  I haven’t done ANYTHING in preparation for it. I have not purchase the ingredients for the dish I’m cooking, I have not gotten Mia’s dress, not done my hair… NOTHING!

Part of me just feels so “blah” about this season. I knew the Holidays were going to be hard for me since my life has changed so much. Thinking about the previous Holidays and now having to share her feels like a cold stab in my heart. I’m making the best of it, for her. Nonetheless, it’s still so hard.

On happier notes, I will be spending Thanksgiving at my dear cousin’s house. It’s going to be her first year hosting it! I’d rather stay home and watch a Christmas movie while putting up my tree, but…. Didn’t I just say happier notes? That was NOT any happier haha.

I really hope that YOU make it a great Thanksgiving. I hope you are surrounded with family and friends that LOVE you and care about you AND make you laugh all night! I will be doing my best to make that happen for myself as well! Be the person you would like to be surrounded with 😉

WHY DO YOU leave things for last minute? For me, I was in denial that Thanksgiving was already here. Time goes on and it won’t stop for ANYONE. Let’s go make things happen!

Thank you so much for reading and coming by!



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