Happy New YEAAAAR, my friend!!! I hope you had an amazing night with family and friends. With lots of laughter and good vibes. For the first time, since I can remember, I stayed home for New Years. Pizza and a movie was all I was craving. The year 2018 has been the most challenging of my life. I’ve cried the tears I didn’t even think were possible. 2017 was no different. But, I’m making the difference in 2019! As it has become a tradition since 10/25/2018, when I feel down, I go back and read my initial post (here) and it’s like a rush of energy builds up. I focus on my future with little Mia and the darkness seems to subside.




My friend, I think I tell you a lot more than I should. After all, I want to make this place where you can come to not just look at fashion pieces, but, to also get a pick me up when you need one. Remember that you are BEAUTIFUL, SMART and POWERFUL! You can do anything you put your mind to and most importantly: Don’t let anyone bring you down! Sometimes people say hurtful things when you are working your hardest on yourself. But, this is just an interpretation of their own lives, not yours. How they treat you says more about them, than about you.

With Love,






Here’s a little fun video of the outfit! I hope you like it 😉




ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The trench coat is from TARGET. The boots are from Steve Madden. I’m wearing shorts and bandeau top under the coat. The waist bag is from a local boutique (some cute options below)


Thank you for coming by on the first day of the year! With much much much much love…

Your friend,



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