After brunch and mimosas we made our way to the Walk of Fameand the Wax Musseum. Both we walking distance from Mama Shelter LA. As we arewalking giggling from the mimosas and videoing for Instagram, I asked my friend(who had already been here) if we had a long way to the walk of fame. She says “You are already walking on it!. Look at that start” I felt like “wait, what? Isthis it?” and it was. It is a commercial street with stores, restaurants,little gift shops, food trucks. It looks very New York. Not it is bad, I meanit was great! But I excepted the walk of fame to be “magical” I though I wasgoing to walk into a super squeky clean street with shiny stars and see peopletaking millios of pictures with their faves. I was wrong, my friend. It was justa regular street with stars. The mismosa were sill doing their thing so I didn’tlet that disappointment.

My friend were making fun of my boots the entire trip. They do not like my white one or this red ones. They kept stopping strangers in thestreets and asking them about my boots! Some people loved, other not so much.Look this little clip here. LOL

One thing I have to say is, I walked over 2 MILES with thisboots, 2 miles!! Definitely will treasure them forever and ever! Soo comfortable.

We finally make it the Maddamme Tussaud Wax Mussen and seemy BFF getting anxious. She was so genuinely excited, in that moment I realizedthat she was really a true die hard fan of Selena Quintanilla. As we are making our way around the museum we stop and take pictures with our favoirtes.

The figuresare supposed to be the exact resembles of the celebrities. The height, nails,teeth everything. I was definitely surprise by a few! My heights is 5’7 and foundJLO to be shorter than me! That was surprising.

Rihanna is taller than me anothersurprise! My favorites were Kylie Jenner (same height as me, I thought she was short!She looks slightly taller in the figure. And of course, Selena. Selena is definitelyshorter. Her outfit was super adorable (something we would wear now). She had abligged our bra  with super high waistedpants with a western style belt and boots and purple western style jacket. She was beautiful.

My friends last request for this trip was to find Selena’s star and take a picture with it. We walked over to where it was and that was the ened of our trip! I drove on the way back and got home more than exhausted. Today is Thursday from the following week and I’m still tired. Lol

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The top was gift (similar below). The skirt if from FOREVERE 21 (they are running a buy one get one free!). The boots are alsom from FOREVER 21. The cute little bag is from ROSS.

Thank you for reading and coming by! I appreciate you soofreaking much.

With love,


When I go on trips I love to point out my favorite part and least favorite. My favorite was the brunch, mimosas and the museum. (I was not impressed by the walk of fame at all!) My least favorite was the hotel we stayed at. Yuck!

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