Good morning pretty! I find myself at a loss for where the summer went. I was enjoying some fun times during the swimsuit season and before i knew it, BAMM, it was gone! I am at a love/hate point when it comes to fall and winter. I hate the fact that summer is over. But, i LOVE layering outfits and boot season! *whoop whoop*

As a farewell, i have included this little beauty. Enjoy the skin, ladies and gentlemen, because you may not see much of it until next year! Speaking of next year, can you believe this year is almost over?! Are you like me and feel like time is moving too fast to get everything done that you want to accomplish??? Don’t worry people, we will get through all of our things together. In the meantime, enjoy the upcoming cold season and don’t forget to eat lots for the holidays (I know I will).

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The Bikini is from FOREVER 21. The seashell necklace and ankle are from SHEIN.COM. The button up shirt in my waist is from ROSS.

My dear,

Thank you so much for reading and coming by! See you on the next post.



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