Hi Pretty!! Continuing and finishing the Sedona day trip documentary, our last touristee stop was… The Church of the Holy Cross! The view was just beautiful! Even though the church was smaller than the outside had made it seem, walking in felt peaceful and serene. There were red lit candles, a large statue of Jesus Christ and it smelled of incense. Mia and I took advantage of the beautiful landscape to, once again, take some cute pictures. The shoot with Mia went better than anticipated. Even though she has always been very cooperative when it comes to our photo shoots, this one seemed to go exceptionally well. I don’t make her take pictures if she’s not feeling up to it (that would ruin all the fun). But, she seems to Love it! And I love that she loves it!!! hahaha. She is such a girly girl and already gets into my make up 😆.

Our last stop on our day trip was to my friends favorite spot. The so called “Best Brazilian açaí” in Arizona, per my friend Olivia. I have never had them before so I couldn’t really judge or agree with that statement. haha. The main highlights about it was, it was AMAZING and very filling. The one I had was called the “Brazilian”. It was topped with granola, strawberries, kiwi, mango, honey, and I added bananas (because who wouldn’t 😛). It also has so many health benefits and I woke up craving it. LOL. Since we’re on the topic of açaí, WHY DO YOU Açaí? Have you tried it? Do you love it? For me, I love the taste! The health benefits are just a bonus 😂.

Fun fact: This beautiful home belonged Nicholas Cage, and you can see it from the church!

About the outfit, I wore a super comfortable/simple shirt dress in color black, combat boots and plaid button up around the waist to give it a pop of color and accentuate the waist.

Love, Shey

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