It’s FRIDAY!! oh yeah , oh yeah, oh yeah! I have HUGE plans this weekend… BABYSITTING! yeyy.  All jokes aside, I am super excited that it’s Friday. Not because it’s the end of the week, but, because I use weekends to work on new content for my website for the next week and it fuels my soul to do what I love!

So we are gathered here today to celebrate yet another Casual Friday! Let’s take a moment of silence for this amazing week. I hope you worked towards your dreams each and every single day. If you didn’t, know that it is NEVER too late 😉

(I’m on a caffeine high, can you tell?)

OMG my friend! I wish you could feel how comfy and soft this Calvin Klein bodysuit is! It’s supposed to be underwear or “loungewear” but come on’! It is so freaking cute! The back is so adorable and I could not WAIT to do a casual post with it! Would you wear this outside your house? I did! hahaha

I have a thing for cute backs, they make my heart happy :). After all, it is all about the little things in life.

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The bodysuit is from CALVIN KLEIN. The ripped black jeans are from MACY’S, the brand is Celebrity and they fit sooo well. The boots are from ZARA. The hat is from my online store LASHEY (it’s not in business at the moment :))

Thank you reading and coming by, my friend! I hope you have a beautiful weekend full of love and laughter. Don’t forget to smile, it is soo contagious! 🙂




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