My Friday’s at work are usually super casual. I tend to wear flats or sneakers a pair of jeans and one of the company shirts. SOOOOO… I’m thinking about the same thing on the blog! We can make it casual Friday’s!  What do you think? In reality, no one is really dressed up every single day. Being even more honest, the normal human being only dresses up for certain occasions. Say you work in the medical field, for example. It’s probably safe to say that you live in scrubs and wearing jeans is probably what you consider dressing up (been there). Maybe we can even call it “Real Friday”(real life Fridays, get it? Haha). As in, what you would actually want to be wearing as opposed to what you usually have to wear. I want you to know that this is our blog and your opinion, whether good or bad, is ALWAYS encouraged!

I wore this dress to the mall a few days ago and got so many compliments! I was honestly surprised. So I took some pictures to share here. This is one of those great examples of: “Less is more”

WHY DO YOU prefer to dress like the real you? Is it to show off your individuality? Maybe just cuz it makes you super comfy?

Alright girly, I’m saying goodbye for now. I’ll see you on Monday with a new “Mommy and Mia” Monday! Thank you so much for reading and coming by this week, it means so much to me.

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The dress is from the H&M outlet stores. The Boots are super old. As always similar super cute options are below⬇️ 🙂

Thank you for reading and coming by! I’ll see you in the next post.




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