Since the weather here in AZ is still pretty warm, I wanted to take advantage of these last few days to wear short shorts. Initially I envisioned this outfit with the heels in my hand, but Oh–My! I look like I was going to go dance on a pole (if you’re into that, get it girl). For me, it wasn’t my “kind of sexy” and revealed more than I typically like to show. Luckily I had my Chucks in the car and VOILA, changed the look and feel in SECONDS! Super casual, relaxed and COMFORTABLE!

88.899% of the time, I prefer heels. But, I can’t lie, it feels glorious to take them off and the pain hahaha. Am I crazy? Do you feel the same way?  

 About the outfit: The shorts are from American Eagle (I couldn’t find the link since I purchased them at the outlet store), the top is from Ross (no link either (we all know WHY) get it?) and the shoes are freaking universal! I can not think of an outfit that won’t go well with Chucks! I’ve seen people wear them with dressy dresses and suits (I won’t go that far though). But, people can pull off some amazing and unique looks with them! I love the fact that Chucks are so common and universal. Yet, can bring together a different style based on what you like.

As Always babe, thank you so much for reading and coming by. Below are similar garments, I hope you like them and I’ll see you at the next post!

WHY DO YOU wear Chucks? Tell me, I really want to know 😊

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