Living in a state where I could actually wear denim shorts and over the knee boots? I’m going to call this a win! #WinterInArizona. Denim Shorts + over the knee boots is by far one of my favorite trends EVER. There’s something about the short shorts that makes me feel like its summer (which just so happens to be my favorite season😊). The boots are just an amazing fashion statement that make my legs feel sexy and elongated. So, adding OTK to a “summer garment” = perfection. The mix between hot and cold, is like my own personal pursuit of happiness. As you can tell, I like all things girly and cute and sexy, and fab and colorful unicorns flying in the sky. Ok, I gotta go take my pill! LOL

I pair the light denim shorts with a baby blue sweater to help keep outfit transitional from HOT to COLD, get it? 😉

This trend was extremely hot in like 2010 when I lived in NY. At that time, I actually did a couple of posts on it. But, in all honestly, the brutal cold weather in NY made it impossible for me to actually rock this trend for anything other than pictures.  When it comes to winter, for me, the heavier the coat and the more scarves I wear, the better! haha. I Ioooove the “cold weather” in Arizona. It’s the perfect climate for you to be super fashion forward with winter pieces, without freezing your butt off. 😒

WHY DO YOU do Denim shorts + Over The Knee Boots? HOW DO THEY MAKE YOU FEEL?

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The shorts are from AMERICAN EAGLE. The boots are from BURLINGTON. Sweater is from FOREVER 21. Hat is super OLD (it fits small on my big head and we already addressed this LOL)

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