Okay, okay, so I may be a bit late on the Fanny Pack bandwagon and I’m going to be late on so many other trends. hahaha. In all honestly, coming back to social media has been quite over whelming. \But, at the same time, very exciting. I’ve seen that my favorite bloggers have accomplished AH-MAZING things and that always puts a smile on my face. The rest of it, has all been more bitter than sweet. We can talk about social media come back and why I was away for so long on another post. In the mean time, let’s make this a happy one. Deal?

I have to confess that, I was one of those that fussed and even rolled my eyes at the fanny pack trend. I first saw it on Kim K awhile back. She was wearing one across her chest and my first impression was “#Wack” haha. But, just like the biker shorts trend (admit it, you didn’t like it either) and now we all own a pair… #GirlProblems. Back on the Fanny pack topic. When I saw the Gucci Marmont, that’s when I was like “Ok, ok, maybe I can try it” (I was still rolling my eyes though). Long story short, guess what? Now I have THREE, in three different colors!!! LOL! Don’t you dare judge me.

So, I bought my first one planning to use it on my trip to Puerto Rico and I even shared some pics on Instagram before I disappeared again . I will also be doing some Puerto Rico posts next week. Sharing my favorite activities, restaurants and outfits. That should be TONS of fun! Back on the fanny pack… I first wore it for the airport (oh-my) it is the most convenient piece… EVER! From the airport on, my friend and I rocked fanny packs the ENTIRE TRIP and it was GLORIOUS. We wore sandals and fanny packs and it was safe to say that being so comfortable the entire time was the highlight of our trip.

So, WHY DO YOU Fanny pack? I really wanna know!. What was you initial thought about the trend?


Here are some of my favorites in addition to the Gucci Marmont. Which, I still want :0!


My outfit

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