So… I’ve heard that leopard print is back, is that true? (wink) I remember this trend was HUGE back in 2010-2011. I specifically remember when the Kardashians came out with their clothing line at Sears. I have to admit, I bought the Leopard print dress, in order to wear it to a family party. And girlllllll… I felt like I was hot coco/the life of the party LOL. As far as what I’ve noticed this time around, it came back with what I would call “low impact” hahaha.

I was shopping at H&M for this weekend’s getaway and came across a super cute bodysuit and I loved it. It fits so well! It has an open back that’s the perfect size so you can still wear a bra. But, open enough to show plenty of skin😉. The fabric feel is kind of velvety and warm. I paired this with a playful denim overall (also from H&M) because I was going for a casual chic vibe.

This time around, I went with leopard print because, it has always made me feel confident and sexy. I think we all need a little bit of that from time to time.(Wink).

WHY DO YOU LEOPARD PRINT? Because of the trend? Possibly, because of how it makes you feel?

About the outfit: The entire outfit is from H&M. The shoes are from SAM EDELMAN (super old). The little bag is from DD’s.

Ps: Exact items are not linked because I purchased them at the H&M outlet store (crying emoji). But, as always here are similar super cute options.

Thank YOU for reading and coming by!!


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