Hi, my dear friend! As people keep exiting my life, I’m becoming more grateful for the ones that have stayed around and most importantly, WANT to stay. I’m still filled with anger from yesterday’s post and I really wish I could speak more openly about it. But, I’d rather not give attention to someone who doesn’t deserve it. Keeping with that topic, I would like you, my dear, to know a little more than just about the outfits. So…  Here we go! I’m a person with few friends, very few. The smaller and closer my circle is, the happier I find myself to be AND the happier I can make everyone around me. I’m naturally a very very quiet person. That’s the way God made me (maybe that’s why I prefer writing over videos). I have a hard time communicating with long distance friends and family. Not because I don’t want them around or don’t want to keep them updated. Nor because I’m ungrateful for the things they have done for me or have taught me. It’s just my way of being. I enjoy being a bit more reserved and again, quiet. Some people seem to see this as one of my biggest flaws. My lack of communication can come across as if I was ignoring them or don’t care about them. That’s not the way it feels in my heart. I can love you, care about you, be there for you when you need me to be, and not have talked to you in a few months. I can keep to myself and not see you in a year. Then, finally see you and feel like we’ve stayed close this whole time!

See, I have 2 best friends, two blondies. We make a reverse Oreo (I’m the chocolate in the middle). One of them is really communicative and outgoing. We talk/text every single day!!! She is on top of our relationship. That is just the way she is!. If I go a whole day without talking, she texts me: “Dimelo mmg, no me vas a hablar. Te ODIO! yo siempre te hablo primero!!” Then I say “Sorry amiga te amo, dimelo!! Como estas?” We are raw, genuine, we are brutally honest we do not take each other for granted but we understand our flaws. If we mess up, we let each other know and might even be mad a couple of days. But, we get over it! Our flaws are: She talks too much and mine is, I don’t talk at all.

I can not talk to you for a year and love you more than the person that’s in your ear everyday.

My other bestie is very talkative as well. But, we can go days or weeks without talking or texting. When we see each other, it’s like we just had a sleep over the night before.

I’m so grateful to have these two girls in my life. They keep me sane, they understand me, they support and appreciate me, they… Just get me. They also always have my back. If I mess up, they let me know, they put me in my place and we make up. They would never ever kick me while i was down or, even worse, kick me out of their lives the way this other person did. The worse part is, this person is family, not just a friend. Regardless of anything, you fight for family! You give them your all without expecting anything in return. When they fail you, you put them in their place, forgive and move on. YOU DO NOT KICK FAMILY OUT OF YOUR LIFE. Even worse, make the other family members around you uncomfortable and sad because of your own petty and selfish issues. My friends, I get to choose. Unfortunately, you don’t get to choose family.  Which sucks because more often than not, they are the first ones to stab you in the back and make you carry the knife. And for that, I say, SCREW HER!

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The denim overall is from H&M. The top is from a local boutique (similar below). The chain belt is from EBAY 🙂

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