Sometimes life’s gets congested, complicated and downright tough. Often times, what is best is the hardest and the hardest can stick with you forever. Some days are harder than others and in those days, for me, it’s been therapeutic to actually talk to someone about it and let them out.

Looking at these pictures, from Mexico, inspired me to let it be free. I felt so free, so happy, so content taking this pictures for my website. But, got so caught up with life and the real world, I forgot to share them.

I received so many compliments on the color and how it looked against my skin. I never liked yellow. But, this duo proved me wrong ☀️

ABOUT THE OUTFITS: The float skirt is from FOREVER 21 ( I got it during a major sale for only $3 😱) the bikini top is from Walmart, another 😱😱 haha.

My love, thank you for reading and coming by!! I will see you again tomorrow 🙌

Super tight hug,


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