For the longest time in my fashion journey, when this lifestyle became my passion, I was so focused on luxury items that I didn’t have. I wanted wanted WANTED it ALL. Social Media seems to have such a negative impact on how we feel about our material possessions. We can become so focused on the materialistic things that we DON’T HAVE, that we forget about the really important things in life. We feel less because we don’t own these things. But guess what? What you own, doesn’t make who you are! This proved true to me recently, when I was going through a tough time in my personal life, and found myself owning/wearing 3 outfits for two entire months!

During those hard times, the least of my worries were my outfits or how the world saw me. That’s when I learned the importance and meaning of inner happiness. I wasn’t happy and my happiness during that time DID NOT include a Gucci Belt. My “happy-world-thoughts” were about having a roof over my head, a stable job and a car to drive to work.

After that, whenever my friend would message me saying “OMG I’m going crazy! I’m going to *some fancy place* and I don’t have anything to wear and I don’t know what to do!!” I started to feel so guilty and petty, because, I found myself remembering when superficial things like that were “MY PROBLEMS, MY STRUGGLES”

I’m grateful that I’ve been through these really rough times. Because, in those times you LEARN and appreciate the things you had, will have, and want to have. Moments like that, put your life in perspective. Remember that, no matter what situation you are in: “The darkest hour of the night is when the sun’s about rise”

Do I still like luxury items? Do I still want them? Yes and Yes. The real question is: Are they important in my life? Do I “Need” them? Absolutely not.

In this post, my goal/hope and intention, is to let you know that, even though I may post items like this, they don’t define me. I’m not trying to persuade you to want them(even though wanting them isn’t a bad thing). They do have a place in my life, but, are not my priority. They are amazing pieces of work (a form of art to me) and they are part of this lifestyle.

I learned not to be discouraged by the things I don’t have. I’m grateful for the ones I do have and it took a long way get here.

About the outfit: The blazer and cami are from H&M, the shorts are AMERICAN EAGLE, shoes are Steve Madden and belt is GUCCI.

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