Hello, my dear friends! I hope this fine Wednesday is treating you well. If not, let’s hope reading my blog will help 😉. If we are friends on IG(@sheylaSsanchez) you already know that, this past weekend I went to Los Angeles, CA to celebrate my besties birthday! She is a die-hard fan of Selena Quintanilla(or, just “Selena” if you watched her life story, starring JLo. If not, SHAME ON YOU!). Because of this, for her birthday, all she wanted was to visit her wax figure at the Madame Tussaud Museum. So, like good friends, we made our way to LA!!!

The drive from Arizona to LA was approximately 5 hours. We sang, joked around, and laughed the entire way over there. Part of me wanted to vlog it. But, I was the driver and that wouldn’t have worked out very well. Being that I was the designated driver, our other friend was in charge of booking the hotel and setting up our itinerary. As we arrived to LA our experience began with a big surprise, our room was sold to someone else and the hotel was completely sold out! Let’s let that sink in for a minute… If this has ever happened to you, you realize how devastating it is. Now, instead of getting all checked in and starting our night, we suddenly find ourselves scrambling to find another hotel nearby with some available rooms. We googled a few others that were around, but nothing was within our planned budget. We decided that we had no other choice but, to spend more than we wanted to, in order to find a decent place to stay for the night. After we got settled into the not-very-impressive-never-will-be-back-to hotel room, we got ready to start the party(or so we thought). That’s when surprise number two comes! Ready for it??? The clubs close at 2 AM! This may not have been an issue, had our initial hotel not sold our room off, causing us to waste time finding another one. But, after having to do all of that, by the time we arrived at the club it was 1:40AM! That was barely enough time to take a selfie and head back home.. I mean, to the-not-impressive-never-will-be-back-to hotel room. After all of this, we decided to look at the bright side of things and get to sleep, somewhat earlier than planned, and start our LA adventure in the morning.

On the following day, we were all ready to conquer LA. We went to brunch at Mama’s Shelter, LA which is this super famous and extremely cute Hotel/Restaurant.

 Their lunch menu was NOT appealing to me at all! Mainly because, I’m a super picky eater (like to stay in my comfort zone when it comes to food #don’tjudge) so, we decided to go for the brunch menu instead. Eggs and Steak is always a good choice and definitely makes me happy 😊😊Hahaha. But, I ordered Crab Cake Eggs Benedict instead and….  OH MY GOD! SOOO SOOO GOOD!

With this being brunch, we pretty much had no choice but to order bottomless mimosas (they also helped us to forget all about the night before) and they did not disappoint! Soo delicious… After a few mimosas, our crankiness and irritation from the day before, was history(Funny how alcohol can make some things better). We had sooo much fun making fun of each other and talking about how to plan a trip! We are all looking forward to our Vacation coming this February and we will definitely be more prepared. Wanna know where we’re going? Do ya??? We… are… going… to… BOLIVIA!!! Yayyyy!!! We are beyond suuper excited!

After the delicious brunch, 5-6 mimosas each and TONS of pictures. We made our way to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the much-anticipated, Selena Quitanilla wax figure! Sorry to cut it off here. But, we will continue the rest in tomorrow’s post!

See you tomorrow with tons of fun pictures and details on our experience! Until tomorrow, love.

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The top and skirt are from FOREVER 21. The boots are from SHEIN.COM. The bag is from ROSS and the smiles are completely free. Thank you for reading and coming by! I appreciate you soo freaking much.

Thank you for reading and coming by! I appreciate you soo freaking much.

WHY DO YOU Los Angeles, CA? Have you been to LA? Would you go back?

When I go on trips I love to point out my favorite and least favorite parts. My favorite was the brunch, mimosas and the museum. (I was not impressed by the walk of fame at all!) My least favorite was the hotel we stayed at. Yuck!

With love,


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