If I can pick a Holiday to decorate my house, other than Christmas, it would most likely be Valentines’s Day. Every thing is red and pink and hearts and bows and glitter and LOVE and LAUGHTER and balloons and chocolates and smiles! Totally right up my alley. Okay, now back from that chocolate fountain with strawberries day dream, let’s talk about Valentines Day outfit ideas! When I think of a Valentine’s day outfit, I automatically think RED! This time I wanted to go out of comfort zone (color wise) and experiment with a very dark pink glitter skirt.

Can you believe this beautiful skirt is from Target? I went into Target this weekend looking for the Hair Goals LOL Dolls, have you seen them? The one with ”real hair”? Mia has been obsessed with them (and me too, but SHHH) We looked around, but couldn’t find any. What I did find was a clearance rack of clothes, of course, and TA-DAAA here is Valentine’s day outfit Idea #1!

The skirt was little big on me, nothing a safety pin can’t fix. I just couldn’t pass on the price, my friend. As far as pairing goes, because the skirt is on the conservative side, I went a crop top and heels that show as much skin as possible to keep the outfit feeling youthful and balanced.

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The skirt is from TARGET (Can you believe?) the crop is from H&M ( My favorite crop ever!). The heels are from STEVE MADDEN

As always my beautiful friend, thank you so much for reading and coming by. I hope you liked this Valentines day outfit inspo! I have 2 more to come 😉

Until then & with much love,


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