Have you seen these “shiny leather” pants and skirt that are super trendy right now? As I was looking for their links for you, the word PVC kept coming up. It turns out this ‘shiny’ material is called PVC!
Per Wikipedia.org: PVC clothing, commonly known as vinyl clothing, is shiny clothing made of the plastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The PVC plastic is also called vinyl. For this reason, this type of clothing is also called vinyl clothing.
See? Learning something a new ever day hahaha.
Moving on from my word of the day, PVC pants and skirts are super a versatile garment. They can elevate your outfit in a heart beat! The shiny glare makes this piece a statement in your outfit.
This type of PVC skirt is a great option for Holiday festive, instead of purchasing a dress you’d probably only wear once, this is cool way to maximized your budget because you can wear it MANY different ways, MANY times 🙂
(They call me Ms. Budget)
ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The Top and PVC skirt are H&M Outlet store. The Boots are STEVE MADDEN. The leopard print coat is from Off 5th Ave.
Thank you for reading and coming my friend! I will see you tomorrow on a brand new Casual Friday!


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