Good morning my beautiful friends! I really hope you all had an amazing weekend!

You may not believe this, but, growing up believing in Santa was not a tradition in my family. Because of this, when Mia was born (4 years ago), I’ve been debating if I should make this “Magic” happen for her. Often times, I imagine her being “that kid” in school that says: “You do know that Santa is your mom and dad, right?” LOL. But, since my nieces and her friends all believe in Santa I decided to give it shot.


On Dec 1st, she got an Elf on the Shelf sent from Santa. She named her Delilah. Delilah has been going to Santa at night, to report if Mia has been naughty or nice. Then, she comes back every morning and sits in a different section of the house (this by far, has been super fun to do!! Not only do I get to see her face full of excitement every morning, but, she also listens to me when I tell her that Delilah is watching her) This is GENIUS! LOL.




To go all out with our new American tradition, we wrote a letter to Santa. We were kindly asking for gifts, since, she has been such a good girl. We went to drop off the letter and (of course) included our picture with Santa.



This experience with Mia makes me feel like a little girl again. It is all so MAGICAL. She is genuinely astonished by this Holiday season and I couldn’t be HAPPIER to have started this new tradition with her.




ABOUT THE OUTFITS: Mia’s dress is from H&M, her vest is from OLD NAVY and her booties are from TARGET. My dress is from GUESS, jacket is from EXPRESS and my booties are from SAM EDELMAN.


Thank you so much for reading and coming by. Mia and I wish you a very Merry Christmas full of LOVE, MAGIC, and tons of LAUGHTER! 😉

WHY DO YOU TAKE PICTURES WITH SANTA? For me, it was the mark of a new tradition for the Holidays. Why do you?

Hugs, Shey



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