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I’m super excited about today’s post because I freaking ADORE this trend right now! No, not the biker shorts ( that one had to grow into me) I’m writing about the TEDDY COAT trend! These coats are SOO cozy, and warm, and comfortable, and cute, and fuzzy, and adorable. I feel like a baby and my mom has me in her embrace, does that makes sense?  I feel like Mia feels this cozy when I hug her HAHA. I want to say that it literally feels like a bear hug, but I don’t know OR want to know what that feels like LOL.



This specific Teddy Coat is reversible (cool right?) giving me the chance to maximized the uses I’ll get out of it, win win situation! The beauty of it being super oversized is that it feels like I’m getting out of bed with my blankets on haha.



I paired mine with biker shorts and a skin-tight top. This way I look put together and still show the body silhouette under the bagginess. I finished the look with mid calf boots to show some skin in addition to keeping my feet warm 😉



ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The featured Teddy Coat is from SHEIN.COM. The Biker shorts are from SHEIN.COM as well. The top is from EXPRESS. The BOOTS are BCBG Maxaria.

My dear friend  I really hope you liked this post, thank you for reading and coming by. I’ll see you tomorrow on our Casual Fridays!

Remember we have new posts from Mondays to Fridays 😉

WHY DO YOU Teddy Coat my friends? I would love to know how you feel about this trend.

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