Hello, my amazing reader. I hope you had a great day and did something out of the ordinary and I’m more hopeful that you enjoyed it. Doing something out of the ordinary leads me into today’s post. I hope you enjoy!

Do you mind if we talk about Crepes instead of outfits today? Okay, me either! SO have you tried crepes before? A little background about my eating habits: I DO NOT TRY NEW FOOD! I am actually working on getting out of my norm and expanding my food horizons. Well, I actually have someone working with me on that LOL. I used to be that girl ordering fried chicken at a Mexican Restaurant(Seriously, I did that). Okay, let’s move on from that. Lol. As of today, I feel like a changed woman. Now, I eat crepes. LOL! No, seriously I do. Okay I tried Crepes today for the first time and I LOVE THEM!!

My early plans for getting an acai bowl ended up not panning out. So, I searched for something new that was close to home. That’s when I found the cutest most perfect spot. As soon as I walked in, it felt very Parisian. The lights were some what dimmed, the decoration was romantic yet simple, and the staff were super friendly. I immediately felt welcomed!

They have an open seating area, with some cubicle looking spaces, that make you feel private and at the same time included in the scene. Super cute and a great vibe.

Now, about the crepes! We ordered one sweet and one savory because we wanted to try both options to see which one we enjoyed more. The actual crepe doesn’t really have a distinct flavor and that seemed to help it pair so well with many different ingredients.

For the sweet one, we went for their “most popular” option, their Nutella filled one with strawberries and bananas on top. It was pretty delicious. I actually thought it was going to be overly sweet. But, I was pleasantly wrong. The fruit and the Nutella balance each other so well. I did need some water after eating it though.

Now for the best part, my favorite part: The Savory one… OH MY GOD! This was sooooo GOOD (I’m not naturally a sweets person, this may have something to do with that) This one was called Chorizon and Egg with Queso Fresco. It was like the most perfect Parisian-Mexican breakfast plate ever!

The crepes are a good size, as you can see, but they are not overly filling. Which is totally fine with me because it doesn’t leave you feeling like you need a two hour nap right after dinner. Another plus!

My dear, thank you for reading through my culinary adventure instead of my outfit and self improvement ranks. I appreciate you soooo much! Thank you for coming!

Tight hugs,

Shey 🙂

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The dress is from a local boutique and super old (similar options below). The high heel sandals are from STEVE MADDEN. The gold chain belt is from EBAY (yes, ebay 🙂 ). The cute little bag is from ROSS.

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