Hello Gorgeous! Happy Wednesday! Today I woke up super happy and grateful. I dropped  Mia off at school and as I was walking away, I felt this amazing feeling of satisfaction. I remembered when I was struggling to find a job and a daycare that would work with my schedule. The whole application process, the waiting around, making the work hours work with her school hours, the commute, the not having a car, etc. It was so stressful and so hard. The whole process took forever! Now I look back at those days and I couldn’t feel more grateful! Sometimes we complain about our jobs, our kid’s school and our routine. All without realizing that there’s someone wishing they had half of what we have. That was me almost one year ago. We are always wishing we had “more things” or a “better lifestyle”.

Today, I implore you to take a minute of your day and contemplate a hard situation you overcame. Think of how you thought it was going to be the end of the world. Now, look at where you are now and see how that situation somehow worked out. Somehow the dots connected, and that situation is in your past. Same applies if you are currently going through a tough time. You may feel like this in the end of your world. But, guess what? I promise you that if you work hard, this is only going to make you stronger. I promise you that you’ll look back at this and be grateful for where you are now.

Remember the PVC skirt I wore HERE and how we learned what PVC was?  (I don’t know about you, but I already forgot LOL) These PVC pants make me feel so BAD A** The wet look legging with the boots are to die for. Now, I just need a Harley! Haha

Are you as confused as I am with this combo? These wet look pants are more than BAD A**. Yet, the Pink Teddy Coat and Light blue soft crop are so ANGELIC! LOL. I loved how it turned out. But, I want to see more of these trousers in a more Bad girl mood. What do you think?

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The PVC leggings were a gift ( I tagged similar ones below) The Teddy Coat is from SHEIN.COM. The boots are from BCBG (similar one tagged below as well)

As always my friend, THANK YOU for reading and coming by! I hope you have an amazing Wednesday.  Tomorrow’s look is going to be super dope 😉 I’ll see you here.

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