Do you ever buy a Christmas present for someone, but…… keep it for yourself? Hi, I’m Sheyla and I’m addicted to keeping the Christmas presents I buy for myself. #Guilty.

I’m the type of person to give you, what I WANT FOR YOU, not what YOU want haha! Because getting the gift is part of the gift, I LOVE putting extra effort into something special.  Except when it comes to kids. Kids are total trolls and you MUST get them what they want unless you want him/her screaming in your face in front of everyone and complaining that they don’t like their gift. IT is not fun. Kids are mean!… I mean… funny.



This Christmas season I have done ALL my shopping online. I want to tell you that it’s GLORIOUS! Because, well.. It is! Haha. But, part of me misses the freaking chaos of the stores and being pissed at yourself because you left everything for last. Am I crazy or what? I want to slap myself after reading that.

My excuse for keeping the presents is that I’m sure I won’t get any pretty little things. Since Mia came into my life (my personal little troll) she gets all the gifts and I just sit there smiling wanting to ask “where are mine?”. Instead, I act like the adult I am and say “Thank you! If she’s happy, I’m happy 😊” #Lies



ABOUT THE OUTFIT: This dress is about 2 years old but every time I wear it I LOVE it even more. It’s one of those investment pieces you’ll have for as long as you fit in it, or longer. The beautiful sequined dress is from EXPRESS. The boots are from BCBG. Similar SUPER cute options are tagged below.
My friend, thank you for reading my confession today. I hope you love the outfit  as much I do! I’ll see you tomorrow in our Casual Friday 😉 (tomorrow is not as casual, I didn’t feel like dressing down this week. IT’S HOLIDAY SEASON!)
WHY DO YOU keep presents you buy for someone else? Do you do this too?

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