Does it seem to you like all we talk about is the Holidays, Holidays, Holidays? Today, I wanted to take a break from the Holidays. I’m going to pretend that I have purchased every single gift, wrapped them, taken a picture with Santa and that there’s absolutely no stress about anything I just mentioned. LOL.
Moving on, you have no idea how much my friends HATE my white boots. They don’t understand how cute and perfect these little booties are! I’ve worn them a few times with different outfits and they never disappoint.  How boring would fashion be if we don’t take risks and wear we want? After all, our clothes are the second skin that we CHOOSE to let the world see.
So ladies(or, gentlemen. I don’t discriminate😄), I would LOVE to know if YOU would wear, or, do wear white boots? Be honest, I can handle it hahaha.
ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The snake dress and the white boots are from SHEIN.COM. The hat if from ZARA.
As always thank you for reading and for coming by! Remember to smile, it’s contagious 🙂
WHY DO YOU wear white boots? For me, they’re outside my comfort zone, but guess what? I ended up loving the trend.

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