Five years ago, on Oct 25, 2013, I decided to take my first step at turning my hobby, my passion into something more. That is the first day i created my fashion and beauty blog. After years of minimal work and inconsistency. Today, on the fifth year anniversary of the blog, OUR BLOG, I present to you a new concept, a new idea, a new design and new dream:


Why Do You…


Let me tell you a little about the journey and beginning of this new concept. A couple of months ago I took part in a seminar called U & Improved. It was a weekend of experiential training called “U The Leader”. This seminar was sponsored by my work and I initially thought it was going to be some type of professional training, since they are always investing in their employees growth and well-being.

As soon as I stepped in the room I realized that this “training/experience” was going to be solely focused on U and only YOU on a personal level. The entire weekend was extremely hard and super emotional. The whole group was pushed to perform at their highest level of energy with an open and raw exposed heart. Leaving everything behind and focusing on U!



The moment of truth (the one I was afraid of the entire time) came when I had to prepare a 2 minute speech that was to be delivered with projection, enthusiasm and Passion about “What is your WHY?”

I initially felt very confused, we all were. We didn’t understand such a broad question. Your “why “could be so many things and yet, nothing at all.

This was the hardest and most emotional part of the entire weekend. It was the moment I broke into pieces. It was the moment I realized that my life as I knew it, had changed forever.

My “WHY”, that I had known for so many years, had changed many months prior to this seminar. All I kept thinking about, was that my “why” was my family. But, I knew I couldn’t deliver a speech on the family I no longer had. Having to write about it, and moreso being pushed to shout it out loud, was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Mainly because I knew from that point forward, my “WHY” had officially shifted and it could no longer ever be the same.  My NEW WHY and my PURPOSE in life is now Mia and I.

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2 thoughts on “Why Do You…

  • Christian

    Love this so much!!! ‘The family I no longer had’ has just shifted and transformed. Now Mia is your family. You and her. Love this!

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