Okay so it’s December 18, you have no gifts and no outfit planned for Christmas Eve. Before you freak out like I’m about to do, let’s do this: Take a few deep breaths in and out, pat yourself on the back and repeat after me: I GOT THIS, I’M A BAD A**… AND I”LL GET THIS DONE! Now, SCREAM AS LOUD AS YOU CAN! A little louder! Good job!! (high-five) Do you feel better now?
When I find myself in pickle about what to wear, I ALWAYS gravitate towards a Jumpsuit. There is absolutely no easier way to look elegant, put together, polished, sophisticated and all things beautiful, than putting on a NICE jumpsuit. There’s no hassle in finding the matching pants, skirt, top ,etc. The simplicity of just putting it on and choosing the right accessories can’t be beat.
This is the one I wore for Thanksgiving last year (I’m starting to think I don’t dress well under pressure because I wore it for the same reason HAHAHA). But, I got SOO many compliments and just knew I had to wear it again. It was an awesome choice. My trick for choosing a jumpsuit is for it to be different than all the rest. This way, I look like I tried a little harder lol.
This one is wide legged and cropped giving it a different feel from the “regular” lengthy ones that are so common. I also love the criss-cross top because it gives it such a playful illusion.
I went for minimalistic high heels and I kept the accessories to a minimum to really show off  the dark lipstick.
If you are risk taker and want to elevate this to the next level, try some mid calf boots. Boots make the look more casual and not as Holiday-ish. I LOVE IT both ways!
ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The Jumpsuit is from a local boutique (some similar really cute options are linked below). The shoes are from STEVE MADDEN.
Thank you for reading and coming by, my friend!  Remember, we have fun daily posts from Mon-Fri 🙂 I’ll see you tomorrow with another outfit idea 😉
Don’t forget to let me know how you liked this outfit in the comments below!

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