Hello, my beautiful friend! Today has been extremely difficult for me when it comes to writing my post about LA. So, I decided to postpone it for now. For some reason, the inspiration isn’t there. Recently, I promised myself that I would try to not write just for the sake writing. I want this website to be 100% authentic. I want you to keep coming back and I want your experience to feel as if we are really having a one on one conversation. For some reason, today was just a “blah” day. It seemed more difficult than ever to bring out that outspoken, somewhat funny blogger that you come here looking forward to. So, I decided to write about how i feel.

I came across this quote and I couldn’t relate to it more. I’m a planner. I like to have things planned out and to have an itinerary with exact dates and times in the order of how things “should” happen. My human factor wants to have everything figured out ALL THE TIME. But, guess what? Sometimes, it’s okay to not know everything! It’s okay not to have a plan. It’s okay to not let your controlling self take over and ruin your sanity. Everyday is a new opportunity to work towards your goals. But, it’s not everyday that we have the motivation to do so. That’s just the truth. In days like these I think about why started, I reconnect with what truly matters to me and the next thing you know, I’m able to write two paragraphs about not finding inspiration! LOL

My dear, if your today is not figured out, don’t let that bring you down. Work towards your goals everyday. Even doing the bare minimum at times, the little things add up to big ones and the next thing you know, you’ve reached the end! Okay, now don’t get used to doing the minimum, girl!. When you’re ready, GET UP AND MAKE THINGS HAPPEN and always give 100%!!

With Love,
Your friend Shey

Tight hugs!
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