Hi hi my love! I’m so excited for this weekend (Oh Lord, it’s only Tuesday and I’m thinking about the weekend) I’m actually excited about the rest of the month! This Thursday is my mom’s birthday. We are celebrating her with some margaritas this Saturday. I have a very very short trip planned to LA for my best friend’s birthday (we have never done this before, so we are all super hyper). AND a getaway to Flagstaff, AZ at the beginning of February, I’m taking Mia to see the snow! A lot of content should come from Flagstaff!. I’m going on a long vacation soon so I want to spend as much time as I can with her before I leave for 10 days :(.  She has been asking to go on a “vacation in a plane” and it breaks my heart to not take her with me this time.



A lot of changes have been taking place in my life. Some very painful, others relieving and necessary to keep moving in the right direction. I thank you for coming over and reading over my stories of the day. I hope to bring entertaining and awesome content for years to come! Wow, that was a little all over the place. I was typing  as fast as my mind was putting it out there haha.






 ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The Tweed skirt overall & cropped sweater are from SHEIN.COM. The boots are from Forever 21.

Thank you so much for reading and coming by! I’ll see you tomorrow on another outfit post, my friend 😉



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