Mommy and Mia Monday has been postponed until Mia gets herself together and loses the attitude. No, seriously. Yesterday, she flat out told me she did not feel like taking pictures! (how dare she?)haha. I don’t like forcing her to do things she doesn’t want and she doesn’t HAVE to do (She’ll have to do a lot of those when she grows up) Long story short, I respected my 4 year old troll and did not get any pictures taken for our Mommy and Mia Monday today( crying emoji). But, it is all great. Instead, I get to share a valentine’s day outfit idea!! I think her tantrum worked out nicely because I get more and more time to share Valentine’s day outfits before the date!

Depending on how old you are, Valentine’s day can go two ways. You care too much or not at all. This outfit is for the girl that cares but wants to look like she didn’t try to hard.

I went for a comfortable and trendy teddy bear sweater (soo cute). I made a knot to make it shorter since the skirt was high-waisted. BUT, a bit loose on my waist. The skirt is somewhat conservative/serious, so showing a little belly skin was a good option for me.

I paired the outfit with red slip on heels and a red bag because HELLO? It’s Valentines day! I love mixing pink and red. It’s one of my favorite color blocking combinations ever. In this specific outfit, the red made everything more fun and playful. What do you think?

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The skirt and sweater are from Target. The shoes are Calvin Klein, purchased at Ross. The cute feminine bag is Target as well. The smile is free and you can have it too!

My love, Thank you so much for reading and coming by. I hope you like this outfit and it inspires you! I will see you tomorrow with another Valentine’s Day Outfit Idea (heart emoji).

With much love,


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