Hi hi hi!!! Okay, so I’ve been liking the video situation. I think it is way more fun to listen/watch a video than to read. But, when it comes to outfit posts, I prefer writing and pictures. Sometimes the quality of the video does not transport as good as a picture 🙂

AND I know you’ve heard this one a hundred times! Here it is once more…. I’m so excited for spring!!! I have so many outfit ideas. Also, I can’t wait to be back to 100%, (following my breast implant surgery) so I can wear all the things I’ve been dreaming of! On a random side note, I’ve been craving an acai bowl for months! I literally went from having one every Sunday after my workouts to none after my non-existent workouts. Why is it that we stop eating healthy the minute you’re not working out? LOL. I mean I never really ate super healthy (and I’m not proud to say that). But, when I heal and go back to the gym, I will! (My fat ego laughed when I said that)


ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The turtle neck bodysuit is from ROSS. The denim skirt is from EXPRESS. The minimalist sandals are from STEVE MADDEN (me van a salir corriendo)

My friend, Thank you for reading and coming by!! I appreciate it so much. I will see you tomorrow in another outfit post!

Tight hugs,


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