The other day I came across a quote that has stuck with me since and it reads: “Do I consider myself too much or do you not consider yourself enough” this stuck with me because, as hard as it has been for me to admit it, I didn’t consider myself enough. This went on for a long time and the funny thing is, I didn’t even know it until, loving myself was my only option. But you know what? Today, I’m here to tell you, that just like I do, you deserve to be happy too! To laugh out loud, to love and be loved. You deserve to be conceited because you are big and worth it.

Today’s outfit post is all about a hot summer day (approaching to us, in AZ, really soon)

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The top is from FOREVER 21. The shorts are from AMERICAN EAGLE. The sandals are GUESS (bought at Ross). The bag is FOREVER 21

My friend, thank you so much for reading and coming by! I hope you had an amazing Tuesday and I will see tomorrow on another post ❤️

Tight hug,


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