Hey cutie! I’m sitting with my friend and we’re catching up on all the fun events during her trip to Aruba. She says it is the pure definition of PARADISE! The beaches are the greenest greens and bluest blue at same time. She described it as “magical”.

The people are multicultural, their language is very unique (it’s called Papiamento) and is a mixture of different languages. She said “the food is amazing and I cannot wait to go back”. She is giving me major Vacation fever!!!

While we are on the vacationing talk, WHY DO YOU vacation? For me; It’s amazing to see different cultures, different architectures, foods, etc. It’s a way to recharge my soul and come back replenished and ready to work hard again. It also makes me feel super grounded and I appreciate the little things that we often take for granted.

Moving on to today’s look, I’m obsessed with the asymetrical shirts trend. It is such a cool way to elevate your outfit to the next level. Something about the front train makes me feel like a million dollars! HAHAHA.  Do you like this trend?

WHY DO YOU vacation? I really want to know

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